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The following pages contain most of the available reference and repair books available today on Musical Boxes, Band/Fairground Organs and other automatic musical instruments.

I also have used books and out-of-print books for or e-mail if you're looking for a particular title!

Unfortunately, many of the books only go through one printing and are quickly out of print. Some are re-printed, but it sometimes is many years between the first and second editions! Some of the books from overseas are not always available.

If you see an interesting book, I advise you to purchase it while you can!

If you know of other books in related fields that would be of interest, please let me know....I'll be happy to research the idea of adding it to this catalog.

To place an order, e-mail me at: OR call 315-684-9977.

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My REPRODUCTION TUNE CARD CATALOG is now available via e-mail in .pdf format! Let me know if you need one and I'll e-mail it FREE! The catalog has over 84 varieties of tune cards, including multi-colored!



After five and a half years work on top of the fifteen years compiling tune lists, The Disc Musical Box is now ready.

The book plus DVD was written to celebrate The Musical Box Society of Great Britain's 50th Anniversary. With over 1700 illustrations in the book and even more on the DVD, this is certainly the best Disc Box reference book written to date! The photos are in full color, crisp and clear. Many of the boxes pictured have never been in any other publication!

Book chapter headings are:

  • 1. A brief description and an overview of their history.
  • 2. Descriptions of the instruments - history and models are described.
  • 3. Table of models - over 1,600 found.
  • 4. Serial numbers - of over 1,500 surviving instruments - can you add more?
  • 5. Tuning Scales - over 170 of those most commonly found.
  • 6. Identification of discs - over 350 types.
  • 7. Tune lists - four lists in the book, the rest will be on MBSGB web site.
  • 8. Case lid and cabinet pictures - over 400 different.
  • 9. Patents - over 650 listed with web sites for further study.
  • 10. Storage of discs or music sheets.

Appendices Include:

  • 1. Original Costs and Notes on Currency Conversion.
  • 2. Makers of New Discs, Bins, Instruments and Parts.
  • 3. Further Reading.
  • 4. Mechanical Music Societies.
  • 5. Mechanical Music Museums.
  • 6. Finding and Buying a Disc Musical Box.
  • 7. Sources used during preparation of this book.

Index of Illustrations.

The DVD contains five sections:

  • A. 466 pages of scans of original makers catalogues.
  • B. 211 pages of scanned makers tune lists.
  • C. 5 tune lists which are searchable in PDF form.
  • D. 1,600 musical box models searchable in PDF form.
  • E. 1,100 illustrations which would not fit in the book.

Hardback; 496 pages; 8.5" x 12" format; full color, glossy paper.

New Lower Price: $75.00 + pstg !

(Postage in US:$5.00 Media Mail; $14.50 Priority Mail)



Long acknowledged as THE reference source for information on a broad variety of mechanical musical instruments from Disc and Cylinder boxes to Orchestrations, Monkey Organs to Reproducing Pianos!

1008 pages profusely illustrated (almost every page).Hardcover

#B101 - Out of Print (call to see if I have any used copies)



The History of the Music Box in Ste. CroixJean-Claude Piguet

This monumental work studies the social and economic conditions of the cradle of the Music Box Industry. From its inception in the early 1800's to modern times, the histories and backgrounds of all the musical box manufacturers of the Ste. Croix region are documented. Hundreds of pictures! Originally published in French, this Englishtranslation was undertaken by the Musical Box Society International so more could read and enjoy this travel through time. Read and understand the trials and struggles of the men and women who strove to stay alive and keep the musical box industry thriving! A great gift idea for any musical box enthusiast! 332 pages,hard cover.

  • #B176 - Price Reduced to $10.00!

(All proceeds go to the Musical Box Society International)



Recognized as one of the leading authorities on Musical Boxes, Mr. Bulleid writes technical articles for the Musical Box Society of Great Britain and the Musical Box Society International. Text includes information on Cylinder Musical Box Theory; Special Types of Musical Boxes; Makers: Contemporary Swiss Boxes; Tune Sheets; Approach to Restoration; Case Restoration; composers; Music Boxes in Film Fiction, etc. 234 pages. Illustrated. Soft cover. (Out of print - I have only a few copies left.)

  • #B111 - $49.95



An extension of the above book (#B111), Mr. Bulleid continues his research into the development of the Cylinder Musical Box. Containing dating charts of no less than 11 makers; short biographies and tune dates of some 40 composers; illustrations and identification of 50 tune cards. These are just some of the topics covered! He also gives more information on makers and agents, and enlarges his previous comments on the contemporary Swiss musical box scene. 296 pages, 155 illustrations and 13 tables.; Soft cover. (Out of print, available as long as my supply lasts.)

  • #B127 - $39.95


MUSIC BOXES - Nasu Orgel Museum - by Ken Tanaka

Musical Museums are very popular in Japan. The tiny island boasts over 30 public and private museums! This small format book (4" x 6") is packed with sharp, detailed color pictures. Though written in Japanese, the pictures are self-explanatory. Musical watches, clocks, novelties, unusual automata, cylinder and disc boxes and much, much more! Many of the instruments have never before been published. 256 pages, 213 of which are filled with pictures. Soft cover.

  • #B167 - $19.95


MUSIC IN TIME - Exhibit Catalog

Published by the Musical Box Society International. In 1990-91. I organized an exhibit of Automatic Musical Instruments for the MBSI at the National Assoc. of Watch and Clock Collectors in Columbia, PA. Cylinder disc boxes, automata, organs, early mechanisms and musical clocks...80 pages worth! Soft cover (proceeds go to the MBSI Museum fund) (Out of Print)

  • #B105 - $12.00


MUSICAL AUTOMATA - Catalog from the Museum in Utrecht

A wide variety of automatic musical instruments from automata to watches is covered....Musical Clocks, Musical Boxes, Reed Instruments, Stringed Instruments, Orchestrations, Organs, Automata and more! Then National Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands, is recognized world-wide for its collection and special exhibitions of these marvelous instruments. Dr. J.J. Hasspels has written the text of this catalog in English to make this even more enjoyable than just looking at great pictures (of which there are 136 in color and over 300 in b/w)! Engravings and musical scores too! Detailed attention is given to the history, technique and music of the various instruments. 256 pages. Hardcover.

  • #B135 - $79.95



Written in German, but with excellent easily-understood color pictures, this book features the barrel organ clocks of Vienna. Excellent pictures of the overall instruments and detailed photos of the mechanisms! History and specifications for each are noted. 300 pages, hard cover. (There is a CD recording of these flute clocks in the Audio section of this catalog.)

  • #B156 - $65.00



The first book dedicated to just American manufactured carousel organs, this book covers the 40 year span of the production of these wonderful machines! Most of us remember riding a carousel as children, but the sound of the band organ playing while we spun round and round, and grabbed for that brass ring resounds in our minds also. The history and different models of organs made by the Wurlitzer, North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works, Artizan, and deKleist well as hundreds of pictures, are covered in this book. There is even a CD included so you can hear these great machines! 283 pages, hard cover.

  • SPECIAL PRICE! #B175 - $39.95



Professionally filmed for a PBS broadcast, this video takes you back to the golden days of the Carousel! See and hear about Colorado's five remaining original carousels, lovingly cared for and in full operation for all to enjoy! The soundtrack features one of the three remaining Wurlitzer Monster Military Band Organs. This video has won both regional and international awards for writing, research and narration (The Heartland Emmy)! 45 minutes; VHS format.

  • #V131 - $19.95



Two different assortments of 16 cards each! All feature different kinds of band organs, dance organs, fairground organs, etc. Full color, heavy quality paper. Great for birthday or holiday greetings, thank you cards or as a gift to a friend!

  • Assortment #1 - #PC1 - $15.00
  • Assortment #2 - #PC2 - $15.00



Catalog from the Museum in the Castle of Bruchsal, Germany. A walk through the collection of this wonderful museum! 37 color and 12 b/w pictures including machines by Welte, Black Forest flute and organ clocks, pianola, English Salon Organs, Cylinder and Disc musical boxes, Bruder, Ruth, Weber, Wurlitzer, Pathe, Hupfeld, etc. Clear, detailed pictures. Text in German. 53 pages, soft cover.

  • #B138 - $22.50
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