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There are many tools and supplies that can be used in restoring both cylinder and disc musical boxes.

Check out the other Tools/Supplies and Parts pages if you don't find what you're looking for here! Feel free to contact me if you can't find what you need.

I have it or can point you to it!




For Cylinder and Disc Boxes. Synthetic Rubies, these are the next hardest thing to a diamond (a hardness of 9 on a scale of 1-10)! If you're unsure of the size, you can send your jewel cap for a perfect fit (no extra charge).

  • #J30 - 3.0mm - $16.00 ea.
  • #J35 - 3.5mm - $18.00 ea.
  • #J40 - 4.0mm - $20.00 ea.
  • #J45 - 4.5mm - $22.00 ea.
  • #J50 - 5.0mm - $24.00 ea.
  • #J55 - 5.5mm - $26.00 ea.
  • #J60 - 6.0mm - $28.00 ea.
  • #J65 - 6.5mm - $30.00 ea.

Price Discounts:  6-11 pcs. = 5%; 12+ pcs. = 10% (mix or match sizes



Listed below are generic sized worm gears (drive gears) that fit in most cylinder boxes. Bear in mind that the original gears have been wearing familiar, comfortable patterns in one another for over 100 years! Because of this, a new worm or worm gear may not work with an old gear. You may find that you have to replace both gears in order to make them run properly. All worm gears come mounted on a 10 leaf pinion gear. You may have to re-bush the governor plates to accommodate the pinion size of the new axle. There are times when you can remove the gear from its axle and press fit it to the axle of the original gear. Count the number of teeth in your worn gear and measure an approximate diameter, then pick the closest match from the list below.

(All sizes are in mm)   Stock# - #Teeth - Diam.- Pivot Size - Pitch

  • WG602 - 28 - -10.5 - 1.2 - 1.10
  • WG604 - 30 -11.3 - 1.2 - -1.10
  • WG605 - 26 - 12.5 - 1.2 - 1.40
  • WG607 - 28 - 13.5 - 1.2 - 1.40
  • WG608 - 24 - 11.6- 1.2 - 1.40
  • WG609 - 36 - 13.7 - -1.2 - 1.10

All Worm Gears are $55.00 each/4 or more = $50.00 ea.


As stated above, some old gears may not mate successfully with new gears, so you may need to change both gears. Height of worm is measured from top tip of pivot to bottom tip of pivot.

Stock# - Pitch(mm) - Height

  • W31  - 1.10 - 1.65"
  • W32 -  1.10 - 1.81"
  • W33 - 1.10 - 1.97"
  • W41 - 1.40 - 1.65"
  • W42 - 1.40 - 1.81"
  • W43- 1.40 - 1.97"

All Worms are $50.00 each / 4 or more = $45.00 each



About 2/3 of every cylinder box comb has small cup-shaped wires under the tooth tips. These 'dampers' are essential to the 'clean sound' of the box. If dampers are missing or of the incorrect weight or not formed properly, a chirping/squeaking sound will occur when the cylinder pin hits the vibrating tooth. Each box takes at least 2-3 different sizes of wire, sometimes more. The wire is sized by thickness in mm and is approx. .014" wide. It is sold by the foot, though custom lengths can be made up for no extra charge.

  • DW05 - .05mm thickness (for very light-weight teeth)
  • DW06 - .06mm thickness(common for the first few dampered teeth)
  • DW07 - .07mm thickness (most common size)
  • DW08 - .08mm thickness (most common size)
  • DW09 - .09mm thickness (most common size)
  • DW10 - .10mm thickness (most common size)
  • DW11 - .11mm thickness (for heavy bass teeth)
  • DW12 - .12mm thickness (for heavy bass teeth)

All Damper Wire is $0.90 / foot - 50ft. or more: Deduct 5%



I have these pins custom made for our restoration needs. They are tapered brass pins, approx. 1/2" long. Sizes below are measured from the 'skinny' end to the fatter end. One pin length can be used for more than one damper pin, if you save the unused portion!They are in packages of 25 pins/pkg.

  • #TP15 - .015" x .023"
  • #TP24 - .024" x .033"
  • #TP29 - .029" x .037"

All Pins are $1.95/pkg of 25



The high end (treble) teeth of most cylinder boxes were originally dampered with tiny parts of chicken feathers. These pre-formed strips of clear mylar, .002" thick x approximately .014" wide,can be used in place of the feathers. They come in strips of 4 dampers/strip. Attach with shellac (sold below) or super glue gel. They can also be used on modern Reuge/Sankyo movements.

  • #M46 - $10.00/100 dampers (25 strips)



Same as above dampers, but wider. These mylar strips are .002" thick x .020" wide. Attach with shellac (see below) or super glue gel.

  • #CM1 - $4.50/40 dampers (10 strips)



My pin straightener works where no other can! Comes with2 different diameters of hollow stainless steel tubing. Choose the correct size for the pins you are straightening and tighten it into the pin vise, place the wire over the pin and move in any direction. Works especially well in tight clusters of pins. A generous length of each size wire is included. Pins that get stuck in the wire can be easily removed with a piece of thin wire, or you can cut off where the pin is stuck and continue! You'll love it!

  • #T40 - $14.50 each



A must for picking up and positioning treble dampers!Sharply pointed, size "AA".

  • #T43 - $4.00 each



Dampers will slide better if the underside of the tooth tips are smoothed with a fine stone before dampering. The damper wire will work best if the rough edges (from cutting) are smoothed before bending. See the "tools/supplies"section for HONING STONES



Very fine flakes of shellac. Dissolve them in alcohol and use to glue treble dampers onto the comb. Consistency of the 'glue' depends upon the proportion of alcohol to shellac.

  • #SL1 - $1.75/1/2oz. pkg.



Beautiful bronze Bees that can be painted or are good enough to be left as they are! They come complete with the body attached and a pre-drilled mounting hole. The hole can be enlarged or threaded. They measure 15/16" from wing tip to wing tip; 3/4" from head to tail tip.

  • #SBEE1 -   $ 20/1 Bee
  • #SBEE3 - $ 55/3 Bees
  • #SBEE6 - $100/6 Bees



FOR BELL STRIKERS - Heavy Stamped Brass

Approx 1 1/4" at widest point and 1" top/bottom. You can get creative and slice the wings for a different effect; you can paint the wings with enamel or dykem (mechanical layout paint) for a more 'antique' look. Can be soldered atop existing ball strikers or bodies. If you are just missing wings on your strikers, you can saw off the wings with a jeweler's saw. Easily soldered.

  • #S42 - $3.25 each



Just like the originals. In nickel or brass finish.

  • #S18 - Brass - $0.75/dozen
  • #S19 - Nickel - $0.75/dozen



For making new tabs to lift the glass inner lids of cylinder boxes. Finest grain, thin black leather. 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" piece. Can make 3-4 tabs.

  • #S52 - $1.25/piece


I have a selection of different sizes of GENEVA STOPS (male and female)

RATCHET WHEELS and PAWLS.  I will be listing those shortly



Over 84 different reproduction Tune Cards for Cylinder boxes! Can also be used to help identify manufactures of some cylinder boxes. The catalog is now available FREE thru e-mail in pdf format!

Single color cards are $8.00 each; Multi-color cards are $15.00 each.

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