Music Boxes For Sale
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I have a show coming up in the fall (Danbury CT) and the Musical Box Society Annual Meeting later in the year. I'll be bringing whatever’s playing to those shows. Of course, I’ll be selling stuff ahead of time too!

Usually, I do not have time to picture most of the boxes in stock, because they don't stay around long enough to do so! I'd be happy to consult with you about your needs....just e-mail: or call (315-684-9977) with what you're looking for.

I currently have a selection of unrestored keywind cylinder boxes...starting at under $1000...and various sizes of lever wind cylinder boxes, both stationary and interchangeable cylinder types.

Disc boxes don't stay in stock long, but I usually have a few.

I can sell boxes on consignment for you too! Having been in the business for 46+ years. I have an extensive customer base and can place your musical treasures in appreciative homes! E-mail or call for information.

Below are some of the boxes currently in stock, as well as some typical pieces that I've sold in the past. As I get a chance, I'll post pictures of items currently in stock. Call/e-mail if you have any questions!

I can make a video of any boxes that are for sale!

I don’t currently have a listing of the boxes. Some are playing fine, some have great movements and need some casework. Some have great cases, but need movement work.

Here are some of the pieces currently in stock:


  • 20 3/4" Regina with cupola lid on matching base cabinet
  • 12" Regina single comb
  • 12" Reginaphone, double comb, serpentine case (no phone parts)
  • 14" Stella double comb
  • 15" Stella double comb
  • 13" Orphenion disc box
  • 13" Adler/Fortuna disc box
  • 25" Kalliope Upright with 12 bells
  • 15 1/2" Polyphon/Regina single comb
  • 15 1/2" Coin operated double comb Regina
  • 15 1/2" Single comb Regina on matching base cabinet (oak)
  • 13 5/8" Symphonion - carved oak cabinet with matching base
  • Mermod Freres Interchangeable - 7 1/2" Ideal Piccolo - 4 cylinders>
  • 4 cylinder interchangeable 13" cylinders
  • Two 3-bell boxes
  • Triple comb sublime harmony Mermod
  • Many keywind boxes, large and small.
  • A lovely girl flower-seller Automaton, c. 1980 (looks much older)
  • Musical Beer Steins starting at $50; one with a BAUDY scene in the bottom of the stein; one Mettlach stein.
  • Some modern movements - 1/36 note Reuge; 30 note Sankyo; 3/72 note Sankyo
  • All boxes are subject to prior sale (I sell a LOT over the phone!)

Nancy Fratti Music Boxes

PO Box 400

Canastota, NY 13032-0400

PH: (315) 684-9977