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(see also "Tools/Supplies" and "Cylinder Box Supplies" pages

GOVERNOR JEWELS - For Cylinder and Disc Boxes.  Synthetic Rubies, these are the next hardest thing to a diamond (a hardness of 9 on a scale of 1-10)!  If you're unsure of the size, you can send your jewel cap for a perfect fit (no extra charge).  (If you give me a measurement in thousandths, I'll convert it.)

  • #J30 - 3.0mm - $16.00 ea.    
  • #J35 - 3.5mm - $18.00 ea.    
  • #J40 - 4.0mm - $20.00 ea.     
  • #J45 - 4.5mm - $22.00 ea.                                     
  • #J50 - 5.0mm - $24.00 ea.
  • #J55 - 5.5mm - $26.00 ea.      
  • #J60 - 6.0mm - $28.00 ea.
  • #J65 - 6.5mm - $30.00 ea.

Price Discounts:  6-11 pcs. = 5%; 12+ pcs. = 10% (mix or match sizes)





grooved for over the disc drive wheel on 15 1/2" machines.

Dimensions:  .750" diameter; .505" thick; .280" hole

(Brackets/rivets/tension spring are not available.)
#S44 - $6.00/set of 2






Back in stock!  Set of FOUR rollers to replace those worn, cracked, chipped old ones.
Fits 15 1/2" Reginas, Polyphons and other boxes.  3/4" diameter.

#S34 - $20.00/set of 4



Make your own Pressure Arm Rollers with our stock.  Solid black; sold by the inch.  Cuts cleanly and easily on any lathe.  1" diameter.

Be sure to order enough to fit in your headstock and to make a few mistakes!

#S331 - $0.95/inch (state # of inches desired)






Made specifically for the Reginaphone Style 240, but will fit other Reginaphones.  The gear slides over the speed control gear shaft that comes through the interior sound board. There is a little pointer (not included) that is used to show the fast/slow progression as you turn the gear with the shaft. This is an exact copy, nickel plated.

#S51 - $18.00 each





REGINA DAMPERS (individual dampers)

Will work in most 8", 11", and 15 1/2" Reginas and some Polyphon boxes of the same size.

Available in upper (for combs mounted with teeth above the star wheels) and lower (for combs mounted below the star wheels).

  • #RDU - (upper) - $2.50 each
  • #RDL - (lower) - $2.50 each





DISC SUPPORT RIVET & ROLLER - fits most size disc boxes.

These are the rivets and rollers that will replace many brands of disc supports.  Tap the old rivet out and insert my new rivet & roller.  Peen the back of the rivet and you're set!

  #S41 - $8.00/set of 1 roller, 1 rivet






I don't know how much longer these will be available.  These will fit the 4.5" Thorens BLACK MOVEMENT disc boxes.

  • #ROMW -  WORM GEAR    -   $40.00 each (nylon gear on a pinion)
  • DISCS - a selection of original discs - $10.00 each, send for title list.

New Reuge (Romance) 4.5" movements will not usually play the older Thorens Discs, nor will the older Thorens movements play the new Romance Discs.  However, the star wheel assembly can be moved slightly to make both machines play the both discs.